Secure File Transfer: Managed files, shared securely from anywhere. Business Edition makes it simple to transfer files of all sizes securely from web, mobile or directly from Outlook. Admin has full visibility and management of user accounts and activities.

Secure File Sharing

Protect your documents everywhere: attached to emails, sent from mobile devices and in the cloud. 

Remove sensitive hidden data and send important documents securely from any connected device. One set of policies governs all file sharing. 

Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfer provides end-to-end encryption and replaces attachments with secure links. Validation, access limits and expiration date options give you control of shared data, and the option to keep a copy of the sent file helps you comply with legal regulations. 

Hidden Data Removal With Interactive Protect

When sending files from Outlook, all hidden data, like track changes and comments left in, are highlighted, helping users make the decision to clean or convert. You decide how much choice is available, and how much to leave to policy.

Ultra Secure Architecture - Under Your Control

Enterprise-class data security keeps your digital content safe and only available to authorised users. At rest or on the move, your data is encrypted. Choose a geography-specific data center location and jurisdiction for further control.

The Admin Console. Your New Best Friend

A central, easy-to-access Admin Console with clear reports and dashboards, shows the policies triggered and the content being shared. Administration of user accounts is quick and simple with options for batch creation.

Branding - Make It Your Own

Your company’s logo and colors in the wallpaper brand the workspace reflecting the corporate image and reinforcing security. Customized email invites, alerts and a custom URL make the experience complete.

There's No Limit to What You Upload

Upload files of virtually any format type and size straight from the browser with no need for plug-ins. Alternatively, use apps to upload from desktop or mobile devices - less for users to worry about and less work for you.

Flexible and Secure Collaboration

Outside your company’s firewall the secure online workspace allows outside reviewers to access the document, but not the network.

Keep Things Moving When You're Mobile

When working from your laptop, or Android or iOS device, upload documents, make comments, invite others, and track all comparisons securely - whatever file type you’re working with, whatever device you’re using. It’s as safe and productive as when you’re at your desk.

What's New, What's Changed

Keep up with all changes as soon as they’re made. See right away if your document has changed, and with one click, get a detailed comparison of the two versions.

Save Time, Compare Online

Compare any two versions of your Word and PowerPoint files from within your browser. At-a-glance, see changes in text, auto-numbered paragraphs, font changes, and complicated formatting – even embedded tables and graphics.

Your Content in Sync

Wherever you’re working, get complete control over the content you store offline. Be selective about what you sync to reduce the storage footprint on your devices. Desktop apps for Windows or MacOS keep files in sync if you can’t work online. As soon as you’re back online, your new versions, comments, activities are uploaded right away.

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