May the force be with you at ILTACON
 |  By Alexis Fox-Mills
The force will be with us. Always. We consider ourselves very lucky to have great customers and partners, which means we can design and innovate new technology for the future of the legal industry with their help, input and advice.  Future legal ...
Workshare Newsletter - Edition 4, 2017
 |  By Alexis Fox-Mills
Get my copy of the newsletter It’s just passed the half-way point in 2017 and we must say, it’s been a great year so far! The main highlight has been the release of Workshare 9.5; delivering faster, more accurate file comparison and protect.Works...
Workshare release notes, July 2017
 |  By Ainsley Whalen
Get the latest news! Is your summer going by too quickly? Our recent releases are faster than ever (like, really fast), so you can get out of the office and enjoy the long summer days. From the latest release of Workshare 9.5 to running deals a...
A right royal time at ConnectLive17
 |  By Alexis Fox-Mills
A regal backdrop The Royal Borough of Greenwich has received some of the world’s most illustrious visitors over the years, including many of the kings and queens of England. It’s home to historic landmarks, such as the Old Royal Observatory, the ...
Workshare Transact: Drop-in training sessions
 |  By Ravinder Barn
Getting to know Workshare Transact Our customer success team is running 15-minute training sessions every Thursday on Workshare Transact. These “drop-in” sessions are designed for new users to get trained up, and they provide refreshers for anyon...
Then, Now and Next. The sky's not the limit!
 |  By Bianca du Plessis
Back in time Imagine yourself back in a world where the internet was only being conceptualised. Communicating by post, phone or fax was the fastest way and computers that took up an entire basement were considered state of the art. Less than half...

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