MountainA recent survey of legal professionals revealed that almost 80% felt productivity was a key factor in driving business. Here are some helpful tips to be super successful and maximize your efficiency in the workplace:

1. Be selfish

Start the day thinking about you; do what you need to do to feel energized and ready to begin the working day, whether that be a workout or wholesome breakfast. There is nothing worse than getting to the office and still being half asleep and hungry. Maintain this energy by staying hydrated ‘til home-time too.

2. Keep control of clutter

Having a tidy desk not only saves time when you’re trying to find something, it also limits stress perpetuated by being surrounded by mess. We can learn associations between environment and goal orientation, so bringing order to your desk may in turn bring order to your work ethic.

3. Act like the Turtle

Slow and steady wins the race. Pacing yourself on tasks means you are less likely to make silly mistakes that will have to be rectified later, ultimately saving you time overall.

4. Battlefield triage

Assess your treatment strategy; prioritize and don’t be afraid to say no to some tasks. Everybody aims to please, but biting off more than you can chew could be your downfall. Focus on several necessary tasks rather than trying to take on everything at once will make best use of your time.

5. Think positive

It’s easy to get stuck feeling pessimistic when things don’t quite go your way. Acknowledging the better aspects of your day will motivate you to continue aiming higher, rather than getting stuck in an unproductive rut.

6. Create email rules

Allocating set times in the day to check your emails will prevent overload. For example, checking your email in the afternoon will leave the morning free for important work, utilizing your peak energy time. Removing your work email address from lists is another way to reduce backlog; you don’t need to know about Groupon’s latest deals every half an hour.

7. Abide by business rituals

Rituals automate working behavior and add structure to the day; setting the pace for workers and sustaining consistency. Set aside time for “uninterrupted work” by putting a “Do Not Disturb” sticker on your desk. Creating goals for yourself also maintains focus and gives an attainable target to strive toward.

8. Avoid distractions

Banish procrastination from your work day by turning off your phone, or if you can’t do that then eliminate temptation by disabling any social networking apps. Opening that post your friend sent you of kittens wearing clothes snaps you out of your flow, and isn’t going to get you to that deadline.

9. Make noise your friend

Contrary to popular belief, a noisy work environment can help you be more productive. Natural sounds can improve brain power. However, typical music, whilst giving you a motivational boost, may inhibit performance on complex tasks and reading comprehension.

10. Use technology to your benefit

It’s not cheating to use technology as a helping hand. Tools such as document comparison software can really save you time at work, especially when making corrections to Word documents. Moreover, keeping files secure prevents leaking sensitive information, saving face later on. 

So there you have it; 10 simple ways to realistically increase productivity in your workplace. Now go forth and let your success roam free!

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