We have exciting news here at Workshare! Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Research Director for Content Management & Collaboration at 451 Research, has reviewed Workshare’s product portfolio, and he likes what he sees. With over 20 years of experience in the information management industry, we were honoured to hear what he had to say about us.

His report explores three key elements of value we deliver to our customers: connecting, collaboration, and control. The 451 report, Workshare Broadens Its Reach in Secure Collaboration, is focused on understanding Workshare’s differentiation, recent developments, and how its application can improve the efficiency of the collaboration process.

Alan described Workshare as an enterprise suite for collaboration that is more than the sum of its parts.

Here are some abstracts from his commentary:

Workshare is a vendor that delivers what it promises – something that is worryingly rare in the world of business software. Its document-comparison tools are ubiquitous throughout the legal and accounting professions, but the folks at Workshare want to do more…

Where Workshare differs from other file sync players is that the application not only can sync files across a wide range of devices, but also all the history, changes, versions, and comments. Or alternatively, it can sync – and at the same time retain – the same version along with its comment history.

Workshare provides very granular control of the sync process, allowing the user to set preferences regarding file size along with file-level security.

Document comparison is still a cornerstone of the new suite, and it is good to see that this has not been neglected. For example, it's now possible with the iOS option to compare documents in the cloud via an iPad or iPhone.

This is an exciting review from an industry expert and builds on our longstanding reputation as a well-known and respected brand.

Learn more about Alan’s research on the 451 Research website.