On Wednesday, June 25 and 26, Workshare took part in the 4th annual Cloud World Forum at the National Hall, Olympia, Kensington. With Workshare in the limelight as Platinum Sponsors, an array of Workshare giveaways, and over 4,000 delegates through the door, it was sure to be an interesting few days!

As the doors opened at 8:30 am on day one, the delegates came in their hordes and the Workshare booth was immediately flooded! Lines formed quickly as those eager to see a Workshare demo queued, and Workshare backpacks and water bottles could be seen all over the hall as our stocks were nabbed up quickly! The Workshare cupcake also made its inevitable return. After its success at previous events, we increased production numbers and under its new name, ‘the Collaboration Cupcake.’ 400+ sugar-loving delegates were treated to a bite of collaboration over the two days.

Day one saw CMO Ali Moinuddin take part in a panel debate titled, “Can We Ever Effectively Regulate the Cloud.” Faced with panellists from similar cloud propositions to Workshare, Ali discussed security trepidations around the cloud, how Workshare solves these fears, predicting how cloud computing would evolve over time. Following Ali, Matt Brown, VP Product Management, presented “Content and Context: The Top Five Reasons Why You Need Content and Context to Succeed in Collaboration”. Matt discussed the document workflows in today’s increasingly mobile environment and was challenged with a number of thought-provoking questions after his presentation. Day one had a great atmosphere around the hall, which completely embodied the Web 2.0 spirit. After speaking to some interesting people we were looking forward to day two!

The second day was a little quieter, with dedicated delegates coming for round 2! Ali Moinuddin was up again for Workshare in a panel discussion titled, “Time for Innovation – Is Cloud Too Good to Resist?” Here he discussed the attraction of the cloud and how the workforce could truly benefit from the Workshare offering. Again, the Workshare booth was constantly busy but we managed to fit in some fun with other exhibitors and share some of our Collaboration Cupcakes!

The Workshare team, now a few dress sizes bigger, had a great two days and we look forward to CWF 2014!