We all know how useful social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn can be. Many of us are affiliated to specific groups within these networks, which help us to be productive, be it a project group for communication, or an interest group to learn more about your industry. What these social networks don’t really offer is a secure place to share files or have discussions about sensitive information. This could be, for example, information about a client in a legal dispute or confidential information about a financial deal.

While it is helpful to be referred to the right people on a professional social network like LinkedIn, businesses clearly need a secure, enterprise social network for having such conversations and sharing files, so they and the people they engage with can be assured that no information will be leaked.

This week Legal Futures featured an article on legal network, HighStreetLawyer (HSL) who worked in partnership with Workshare to develop its own secure enterprise social network where members can connect with others in the group to gain access to expertize from other lawyers. Lawyers use the network to discuss issues and find solutions for their clients. This has been a great opportunity for them to maximize their skill pool so that they can give their clients a range of different services and expertize that smaller and medium sized firms are normally unable to provide – helping them to compete against the large legal firms.

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