Lawyer In A Cage

A recent stunt has been the trigger for widespread debate over the grueling hours lawyers spend working at their desks. A former lawyer spent the morning in a cage in a busy London train station, to metaphorically send the message that lawyers are overworked, beholden to billing targets, and are tied to rigid work practices. The stunt was part of a recruitment drive by a virtual law firm to set lawyers free by advocating remote working. Their argument: Why continue to slog into the office when you can work remotely and avoid the office politics?

The reality is however, that many lawyers prefer to be in the office. Face-to-face human interaction and all the mod con perks City firms offer sometimes can’t be beaten. But what waits for them when they get in, alongside the piles of work, is lunch at their desk and late evenings. It’s no surprise that many rely on cups of coffee and stress balls to get them through their day.

Room for improvement

Having supported the legal industry for 15 years, we are well aware of its reputation for long hours and mountainous workloads. In our recent webinar on ‘Legal Productivity Challenges’ Stephen Allen, Director of Service Delivery & Quality, at global law firm DLA Piper commented: 

“In the fee-earners contemplation there are a lack of tools available to them, and the only tool they’ve ever had is ‘work harder’…but it’s now becoming, without some fundamental change in the way work is done, almost impossible."

We believe there is significant room for improvement, by firstly speeding up low value, time-heavy tasks. Processes around document reviews, for example, can be automated. These can include document comparison, incorporating changes and feedback, and the recreation of Deltaview documents. For any legal professional reading this, you’ll be only too aware of how long these (likely unbillable) tasks. But thanks to enhancements in technology, these can now be accurately automated.

To help kick start your day and combat the corporate grind, Workshare will be taking to the streets on Thursday 4th June from 7.30am onwards to hand out free coffee to the law masses on the corner of London Wall and Moorgate. 

Like you, we know that with all the will in the world the day hasn’t properly started without a quality cup of coffee so we’re supplying the London’s finest blends - ready for you to grab on your way in or out of the office. But crucially, we will be on hand to discuss how Workshare could make your working day a lot easier, maximize your lawyer hours, and make your firm even more competitive.

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