Organizations don’t just happen: they’re created for a reason and they’re created with a purpose. An organization has a common goal, and it’s the coordination of hard work, the management styles that are implemented, and the way tasks are managed and divided, that can determine whether an organization is successful or not. 

As organizations strive to be more effective, trends are forming in employee working habits and it’s important for them to understand what these changes are. These trends will affect the structure of the organization, collaboration and how it engages customers. If you’re don’t take note of trends and adapt, and your workforce and competitors do, you’ll be left behind!

Some would argue that in the past, organizations were used to doing tasks in one particular way and other ways were deemed wrong or ineffective. They valued uniformity and rigidity, because this led to consistency and reliability; however, this constant adherence to the “status quo” also meant that people were not given much opportunity to be creative and innovative. 

In the fast-paced, enterprise-led society of today, ways to develop creative solutions to address societal changes is at the forefront of organizations’ minds. There has been a move from reactive; to forward thinking and anticipating these changes in the workforce. Document collaboration has accelerated creativity within organizations as it facilitates the more immediate sharing of ideas.

The increase of mobile technology has led to people now connecting on the go; checking emails wherever they may be, at home, at a coffee shop, or on the train to work; we’re always connected. 

Dynamic businesses have moved away from the rigid and uncompromising structure, to accommodate these changes more effectively. In the IT world, this means the IT department must equip themselves with simple applications that fit the way people want to work, yet provide the control IT need. Cloud document collaboration solutions is a prime example. They enable people to share and work on their content the way they want to away from the restrictions of email. 

Organizations must realize that in order to succeed - to keep their workforce happy, control company assets, and keep relevant – they must move with the times and pro-actively provide solutions that meets workforce trends. 

Organizations are evolving. Society is evolving. Will you be agile enough to keep up?

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