Cloud Collaboration: A CMO’s Perspective

Gartner has predicted that marketing will spend more on IT than the IT department by 2017. A little surprising maybe, but advanced technologies are now more accessible to marketing professionals than ever. Technology was traditionally out of reach for marketeers’ with IT often standing in their way. But the cloud has been a game-changer and has enabled users to directly access simple and easy-to-use technologies without IT needing to help with set up.

Enterprise file sharing and cloud collaboration is one of these technologies. As Chief Marketing Officer at Workshare, our cloud collaboration offering is a solution that is used by my marketing team on a day-to-day basis and makes our jobs easier and more productive. In an increasingly competitive and results-driven world, today’s marketeer needs to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of all marketing activities to thrive; and cloud based collaboration tools facilitate this.

Whether I’m creating presentation materials, reviewing PR content with my corporate communications team or discussing the numerous marketing activities executed by vendors across the globe – I save time and get ahead.

Running several projects via email is frustrating, disjointed and time-consuming - email has its place but relying on it to discuss and get feedback on a document sent out to multiple parties is difficult to do in a timely manner. With Workshare, however, I can simply upload a document to keep track of all comments and edits on the document made by anyone in one place, ensuring a single version of the truth. This saves a lot of administrative overhead for the marketing team at Workshare, as a member of my team can upload additional versions of any file – be it a PowerPoint, PDF or Word document – and I can see what’s changed in an instant. What’s more, with positional commenting, it’s easy to make changes to specific parts of a document, improving the review cycle. I can also sync all this to any device with a click of a button on the Workshare iPad app.

My personal experiences of Workshare have reinforced my belief that cloud collaboration technology offers considerable value to businesses. Having a central secure online environment enables teams to collaborate seamlessly and share ideas, which in return fuels creativity to drive effective campaigns. Teams have visibility on all ongoing activities, and can access content wherever they are to increase productivity.

Every morning when I commute to the office, or travel to client meetings or our international offices around the globe, I always have the Workshare app open and immediately see the content I have synced to my iPad. My work is never interrupted, even on the go. I can review, comment, and compare any content before I get to the office, meaning that deadlines are always met and the team receives my feedback in real-time.

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