Workshare simplifies COINS project management and improves collaboration

March 10, 2015, LONDON, UK – The leading global software solutions provider to the construction industry, Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) is using Workshare to improve collaboration between COINS project teams and clients. Without a collaboration solution in place, COINS relied on email, which had versioning and feedback issues that delayed new client software deployments by weeks. With Workshare, COINS improves global collaboration around its document and software configuration files, with more streamlined file sharing and commenting, and more accurate version control.

Workshare’s document collaboration and mobile file sharing features streamline the onboarding process and help COINS and its customers oversee project lifecycles from start to finish. Rather than send important content such as project documents, configuration guides and risk plans via email and wait for collated feedback, COINS managers can share, access, and collaborate on content with their employees and customers, in one place.

This intuitive, central workplace ensures version control and creates an engaging and open collaboration environment for project managers and their clients. The same functionality is available from mobile devices, benefiting COINS consultants who assist with onsite implementations, granting them the ability to annotate and update customers’ content in real-time and speed up the implementation process. In addition, Workshare is used to store large files, such as recorded meetings and demos, within a central location, so they are readily available for internal and external team members.

“Workshare is a key collaboration platform between our customers and project managers,” commented Matthew Grill, project manager at COINS. “Workshare enables us to eliminate all duplicated efforts that were exacerbated by email collaboration, and has saved our clients time and effort during the onboarding process.”

Though the company considered adopting a consumer-grade solution like Dropbox, it ultimately needed a trusted, professional solution built for the enterprise from the ground-up that provided both file storage, sharing, and collaboration features.

“New implementations and existing project management require a lot of moving people and pieces, with file sharing fundamental to the onboarding process,” continued Grill. “When thinking beyond email, we researched file sharing solutions like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive, but needed a more professional and secure approach to collaborating with clients, and one that is not just a holding area for shared files.”

“COINS is creating a new standard in the construction industry for simplified project management and efficient, comprehensive collaboration,” commented Anthony Foy, Workshare CEO. “Across all industries, Workshare empowers employees to be more productive through document-centric collaboration and provides an open workspace to foster stronger engagement and innovation between customer and client.”