Pro 9 BlogAfter months of hard work from the Workshare team, we’re proud to say that Professional 9, the return of DeltaView, is finally here!

After speaking with customers, we found the key challenges for professionals were email overload, tough client demands and lengthy review cycles. In order to be successful at work, technology mustn’t act as a barrier, but should underpin the drive of productivity. We've built Professional 9 with this always in mind. 

Through shorter review cycles, easier comparison and access to content on the move, Professional 9 provides a more efficient document review process to help you be more productive. Ultimately, Professional 9 helps you work smart.

What's new in Professional 9?

  1. Automatic Change Notification (ACN) - One of the key new features! When a document is returned with changes via email, ACN detects these changes and alerts you directly in Outlook. With a single click, you’re able to open the document in Workshare Compare, run a comparison between the original and altered document, and ensure all changes are captured. This means you are always aware of what’s new. Watch Ryan Soosaraj, Product Manager, discuss the power of ACN in  “What’s new in Professional 9” and see ACN in action. 
  2. Accept and Reject – When viewing the DeltaView (redline), you’re now able to apply agreed changes directly to the original version of the document, creating a clean new version. This new version can then be easily be checked back in to the DMS (which is integrated with Compare) or shared directly from Word for wider review.
  3. Connect - Giving you access to Workshare’s online file sharing and collaboration applications. You are now able to share or save files with clients or colleagues in Connect, directly from Microsoft Office or Professional 9, and stay in control of the review process. Unlike email, Workshare Connect provides a central space where reviewers can add comments, view changes, and keep a log of activity notifications. This means everyone is always kept up to date. Watch Matt Brown, VP Product Management, explain the power of Connect and see it in action here.
  4. Mobile – With Connect, you now have mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. What does this mean? Not only can you get access to your files anywhere, on any device, but you are also able to run a DeltaView on your iPad. 

Check out what the Legal IT Insider wrote about Professional 9 here and learn more about Professional 9 here. #WorkSmart.

Holly Mills