We’re looking forward to speaking at the E2 conference at the Boston Marriot from June 17 to 19! It’s a great event that offers IT decision makers a forward looking forum in which to engage in discussions about the future of software. The aim of the forum is to assist these decision makers in shaping their strategies for business success.

As a silver sponsor of the conference, we will be demonstrating our applications in Pod 9, which enable efficient and secure collaboration across desktop, mobile, server, and online environments.

Not only will we be exhibiting at the conference, but James Fabricant, Workshare VP of business development, will present “The End of the Standalone Enterprise Social Network and its Reinvention.” His talk will demonstrate how enterprise social business networks make users more productive. They transform the collaboration process, making it more innovative and progressive by crowdsourcing knowledge and making it easier to connect to experts for quicker and more informed decision making.