Today’s tube strike has caused chaos in London, leaving thousands of commuters unable to make it into work.

One of the biggest problems we face when we can’t make it into the office, is how to effectively continue working, without access to company servers and email. Many workers may turn to USB’s or unsecure personal file sharing applications to store and access documents they need to work on outside the office. However both of these pose great risk to company data and could result in costly security breaches and loss of IP.

Industrial action is set to continue next week so to save commuters spending hours trying to get into the office, organizations will need to ensure employees’ can access their business files remotely and securely.

Simplicity meets security

With enterprise collaboration solutions, losing time traveling on overcrowded, delayed trains no longer makes sense, as users can access, and collaborate on documents with their teams on any device from anywhere. Being productive doesn’t mean having to be chained to your desk. Collaboration applications such as Workshare, represent a secure way for employees to continue working and collaborating away from the office. Less secure alternatives can leave businesses vulnerable and their data at risk.

Workshare’s London office was affected by the industrial action too. Those of us who could not make it in, continued working at home using Workshare’s collaboration applications to access, share files, and collaborate on documents with others, simply and securely. Collaboration can still happen within our teams, with instant access to the latest version of a document which we can all work off, without numerous versions flying around on email. Our work can carry on and we can pick up where we left off once the London underground resumes normal service. Just because the tubes have stopped running doesn’t mean work has to!