Evergreen in the Everglades

The focal point of this year’s ILTACON, the biggest event in the legal technology calendar, will be the tools legal professionals can use to overcome challenges they face both now and in the future. Future-proofing your business is imperative in a time when the pace of technology evolution is ever increasing.

Trying to keep up is time-consuming and inefficient, whereas putting strategies in place to effortlessly keep abreast of updates frees you up to concentrate on things that really make a difference to your business. This includes finding and training new talent, focusing on customers and business development. Workshare’s long history of innovation means that we’re positioned to support businesses through such changes.

One future-proofing strategy is to employ what is known as evergreen IT, a phrase which was first coined ten years ago by Price Waterhouse Cooper. Over time, it has evolved to something that Microsoft described as, ‘running services comprised of components that are always up to date.’ The advantages of this are myriad, both to IT departments and end users.

Employing an ‘evergreening strategy’ is not just moving data to the cloud or switching IT operations from manual to automated. It is both these things, but more than that it depends on a certain mindset, moving from control and micromanaging to a space encompassing trust and inviting growth.

The pros of adopting evergreen IT include:

  • savings in cost and time
  • a better experience for end users
  • the upgrade process being less painful for IT teams
  • an increase in flexibility and competitiveness
  • the ability to manage & archive files on the go
  • peace of mind in knowing that the data is maintained in a constant secure state

As a customer-focused business, Workshare have a specific goal to support their customers to do their work better. Working towards an evergreen IT model would enable us to do just that in a more efficient, smoother and more pleasing way.  

John Powell, VP of Software Engineering, said, “Continuous updates are something that I feel passionate about. The savings in cost and time to businesses is incredible, and the pain point of updates for many IT professionals is something that I am working towards eliminating.”