If you missed the SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, you missed a jam packed three days! In between the prizes (congratulations to our Microsoft Surface winners!), we got the chance to demo our products designed to ease the secure sharing and tracking of SharePoint documents outside an organization’s firewall. They caught the eye of a lot of people, including Dan Berthiaume who wrote about us on CMSwire! If you couldn't make the conference, never fear because we'll be holding a Webinar! 

Before we talk about the webinar, here's quick recap of the conference. We think that Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool! It makes it easier for people to work together, share information, manage document repositories, and publish reports that help people make better decisions. However, SharePoint does not offer complete support for people who need real-time collaboration with both internal and external parties. This is something that’s really useful throughout a document’s lifecycle, from creating a document to reviewing and giving feedback. Too many technology providers are advocating SharePoint replacements, but there’s no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Overhauling an entire collaborative ecosystem is both costly for the organization and tiresome for employees who have to be trained on new systems. What professionals really want is a solution that integrates with the products they already know.

Here’s a brief overview of the products we were showcasing:

Workshare Point: This solution allows direct exchange of documents between Microsoft Office and SharePoint, allowing users to perform both Office and SharePoint document tasks with a single platform.

Workshare Professional 7: Direct integration of Office document sharing and review capabilities including comparisons, version controls and metadata management with SharePoint enhances their effectiveness.

Workshare Protect 7: This solution integrates SharePoint with Microsoft Outlook to automate real-time removal of, or warning about, email attachments of SharePoint documents that include sensitive or unnecessary data such as tracked changes, speaker notes, author names and last time of editing.

Workshare Compare 7 : This comparison tool is designed to streamline the review of SharePoint documents and PDFs and ease the identification of changes.

Thanks to everyone that could come out to make it!

As a follow-up to the event, we are hosting a webinar on Thursday, December 13th at 9:30 PST / 12:30 EST in which we will highlight the challenges Microsoft SharePoint users face when sharing content outside of the organization's firewall and demonstrate how Workshare solutions enable users to protect and share content from within SharePoint. Attend to:

  • Watch how to streamline and secure collaboration workflows by reducing the number of clicks and steps required for sharing and tracking documents as they leave the SharePoint platform.
  • Learn how to retrieve, share and file documents and emails directly into SharePoint from Microsoft Office & Exchange, making it easy to create, send and receive files in one platform.
  • Benefit from advanced PDF and document comparison capabilities and streamline the review process which makes it easier to identify document changes directly from SharePoint.
  • Remove confidential information from documents before they are emailed from SharePoint. Automate removal, or receive real-time warnings, when email attachments contain track changes, speaker notes, last author's name, document editing time, and more.

Also, if you attend, you'll get a copy of our new White Paper: Extending SharePoint for Real-time Collaboration. The paper explains how Workshare extends SharePoint beyond the corporate firewall for multi-party collaboration, overcoming limitations of traditional SharePoint installations.