April 22, 2014, LONDON, UKGarrigues, the largest global law firm in Spain has today announced that it has selected Workshare to enable its workforce of over 2,000 employees to securely compare, share, and collaborate on high-value documents without the risk of inadvertently exposing sensitive information.

With offices around the world, Garrigues selected Workshare to tackle the security issues posed by clients turning to unsecure consumer-grade file sharing applications to share large files with attorneys, which posed major security risks. One of the major reasons for selecting Workshare was its ability to integrate with the law firm’s legacy document management system, HP Worksite. This allows Garrigues to enforce policy to control how all documents are accessed and shared, and to maintain a full audit trail, even once the document has left HP Worksite’s environment.

Cesar Mejias, IT Director at Garrigues commented, “Many attorneys aren’t aware of the security issues surrounding metadata left in documents and this is a major issue for law firms. As an international law firm, we cannot risk information being leaked. Having reviewed a number of applications, we selected Workshare Enterprise as it met all of our requirements for ease of use and control.”
Workshare removes all metadata by default, preventing inadvertent leaks, allowing users continue to work as they always have. The application combines the simplicity of consumer services with enterprise-grade security to deliver consistent stewardship over all high-value content.

Anthony Foy, CEO of Workshare, commented, “Metadata left in documents is a real threat to semi and highly regulated companies dealing with sensitive documents. Often, the firm and the employee doesn’t know it exists and this in itself is a major threat. By integrating into Garrigues’ existing workflows, Workshare provides a holistic, end-to-end collaboration application that allows their attorneys to be more productive; while enabling Garrigues to better serve their clients’ needs.”