Happy Customers Equal Healthy Business

While we work hard to develop reliable products, we have a wider focus at Workshare. A sale is just the beginning of a critical relationship between company and customer. Our aim is to ensure that our customers direct how the product evolves, which is why we’re happy to have Michael Ollitervo-Murphy on board! He’s responsible for driving Workshare’s customer experience, evangelizing best practice and building out an exceptional customer service organization. Michael will formulate and execute on meeting new key performance indicators for customer experience, customer service, and service design.

We’re pleased to have someone of his calibre in this specialized field! Michael brings over 20 years expertise in customer service and customer experience with him to the role. His most recent position was as the Group Head of Customer Service for Virgin Management, the parent company of Virgin Group. His responsibilities included ensuring the brand and customer values were adhered to across its global operations and building out a 24/7 customer service organisation. Here at Workshare, his role will be to ensure that all aspects of the company’s operations focus on enhancing customer satisfaction.

You can read the full press release here!