High Street LawyerIf you haven't heard of the legal brand HighStreetLawyer.com, you need to check it out! Trusted law firms across England and Wales have come together to build a powerful network. They're working together to ensure that small law firms are able to survive in the newly liberalized and competitive market. 

When the organization first approached us, HighStreetLawyer.com and its member firms were already collaborating on a variety of issues and meeting periodically to discuss strategy. What was missing was a way to connect people and content – a way to take this successful yet sporadic collaboration to a new level.

Workshare allows HighStreetLawyer.com’s members to connect to other solicitors across the country in order to drive member network referrals, share knowledge, and seek answers. Workshare is also being used by HighStreetLawyer.com to deliver continuing professional development training to its members. The secure, permissions-based groups ensure content and conversations are managed and relevant to the user.

It’s exciting to see this particular community come together, where getting the right information in a timely way is so important. We're delighted to help HighStreetLawyer.com connect its growing member base of local solicitors.

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