How to be more productive with Workshare for iPad

Mobile devices have changed the way we work. At Workshare we embrace that change by helping you be more productive on-the-go, while still keeping your files and data secure. 

We’ve created unique features for our iPad app, which I am keen to share with you! 

1. Make private notes

With private annotations on the Workshare iPad app you can highlight specific parts of the document and annotate them in various colors to make your own private notes. These will not be synced with the other Workshare platforms or your colleagues’. In a meeting, it allows you to make notes for yourself, rather than trying to remember everything later. If you want to share your thoughts, use positional or page-specific comments, which will be shared with your colleagues.




2. Multi-task on your iPad 

The latest iPads allow you to do a split screen view between apps. Particularly useful in landscape mode, you split the screen one third/two thirds to view files in your Workshare mobile app and write an email or do an online search at the same time without having to switch between apps. 

This feature is only fully compatible with the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.


 3. Save files for offline work

Save files to your mobile Briefcase to access them when you’re not connected to the Internet. You can download a file individually or download a whole folder. If you download a folder, we will keep it up-to-date and download files as you add them to that folder. So, if you want to, you can keep a ‘download to mobile’ folder that is always synced with the Briefcase.



Better still, search the files in your Briefcase. We have enabled full content search to be able to search both by file name and the content of these files, so you can access the file you need at exactly the right time.



4. Make use of the collaboration tools in Workshare

The notification cards on the home screen inform you of comments written by your colleagues on your files and on files you’ve commented on. We have redesigned the home tab of the iPad to make it even easier for you to browse these comments and act on them efficiently.



We care about making your workflows easier, whether on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Workshare wants you to spend time being productive, not waste time looking for files. Look out for new releases of the app for iPhone and iPad – we’ve got plenty of exciting new features planned for this year!