How to Win Employees and Influence the Workforce

Anyone who works in an office knows that the times are changing – actually, the point is that those who work outside of the office know it too. Mobile working has transformed the way we work today. Research estimates that as many as 62% of employees now spend time working at a location outside of the office, which reaches greater significance when you remember that most organizations established their collaborative ecosystems years ago at a time when they couldn’t and didn’t plan for mobile working. The changing technology has opened the way for cloud collaboration technologies, which allow for mobile working, to make their way into the workplace. But this has come at a cost: security. “So,” as our CTO, Barrie Hadfield, asks in his recent article in Infosec Island, “how did the enterprise end up surrendering so much of its valued security measures to the cloud?”

Traditionally, the collaborative ecosystem was anchored in email or a centralized server, accessible almost exclusively within the firewall. As such, the workforce primarily shared and revised documents via a set of approved collaboration tools provided by the organization. Collaboration was fairly simple until email came along, which provided employees with an escape hatch for collaborating outside the firewall. Unfortunately, most employees send email attachments without considering the potential risk of intellectual property loss. And while IT professionals can seal this escape hatch by using policy control tools, these tools are still not a part of most collaborative ecosystems today.

The cloud has become so ingrained into office working that employees expect to use tools to collaborate beyond the firewall, whether they’re sanctioned by their organizations or not. These tools are easily accessible through the Internet and can often be used without installing any software. In fact, according to current research reports, nearly half of all information workers use between 4 and 7 different collaboration tools to do their jobs.

Well the saying goes, if you don’t like something, change it. It’s too late to stop employees from collaborating beyond the corporate firewall; however, there are solutions that let them collaborate freely while providing enterprise-class security. That’s what we’re trying to do at Workshare. We understand that now’s the time for an online solution that provides the best of both worlds. With our web application, we offer the following features and benefits for safe collaboration for mobile workers:

Files can be shared, reviewed, and commented on without opening them in native applications, which means that if the phone or tablet is lost, company data will not be available

  • Full document and user audit trails, giving the ability to see when a file has been viewed
  • Secure and authenticated passwords
  • Encryption in transit and at rest
  • Real-time file and folder activity updates
  • A nested folder view to find files quickly

It might be too late to stop the mobile revolution, but there’s still plenty of time to direct it.