Man 791049 640Things are heating up in the world of collaboration! Last week we revealed our new mobile app for iOS and it’s looking great – even if we do say so ourselves. We don’t underestimate how easy to use apps for work should be, which is why we invested a lot of time into creating a clean new design and increasing functionality to make working on the go easier. We have a whole team here at Workshare – developers, QA and design - devoted to the Workshare mobile apps, and our latest release is testament to their hard work. Some would say, we’ve provided gadget lovers with some genuine ‘app icandy!’ 

Intuitive throughout, the app lets users collaborate effortlessly on documents while on the move. In-app annotation lets users highlight sentences or parts of a document; and you can even tag comments to specific sections of the document to simplify commenting and revision cycles. We’ve also introduced our new Scribble feature lets users highlight key parts of a document to others by “drawing” directly on the document using a range of different colors and pen styles.

Syncing made easy

Sending endless emails updating people on the status of a document so that the wrong version isn’t sent, not only clogs up your inbox and gives you a headache, but it also wastes a lot of time.

With an enterprise collaboration app like Workshare Mobile, comments and new versions are immediately and automatically available to those who have access to the file. It’s that simple. Members can also create accurate comparisons between versions, which helps increase productivity and efficiency for mobile workers.

For the security aware, using Workshare Mobile to access data or documents from an iOS device is 100% secure. Full integration with existing enterprise content management and document management systems means the app ensures company data remains protected no matter where their users are accessing it from. This keeps your IT guys happy while you can continue working, inside or outside the office!

Key features of Workshare Mobile:

  • Improved search and navigation 
  • Private notes for authors 
  • Annotation 
  • File sharing and sync 
  • Thumbnail view 
  • Pixel-perfect, full-screen view 
  • Comparison of different document versions
  • “My Briefcase” feature for online and offline mobile access to documents 

We’ve also been acknowledged externally winning Runner up "shining star" in the Mobile Star Awards 2013 and 2013 Cloud Awards finalist for Best in Mobile Cloud Solution.  To experience Workshare Mobile for yourself, you can download it here now.