ILTACON - "We would be honored if you would join us"

Our amazing clients and partners converge on August 14th in Las Vegas for ILTACON, the biggest event in the calendar. The legal tech community all assembled in planet Vegas? Seriously, we can’t wait.

"Hello there"

News and advances from the alliances we’ve formed with our partners is one of the things we’re looking forward to sharing most at ILTACON. We’re working together to bring more value to you, our clients, because point solutions won’t cut it in the future. Vendors, like us, need to be embedding our software in other user experiences to make things easier for customers.

With iManage and NetDocument we’re already embedding our file comparison technology in their document management systems, which you can see at ILTACON. With Kraft Kennedy, we’re configuring and deploying solutions to protect matter files and prevent data loss. All our partnerships are about concentrating on working together for your success.

“Do… or do not. There is no try.” 

We believe in change and innovation at Workshare and we’ve been doing a lot of it this year.

Our design and dev teams have been focussed on improving the ‘beautiful basics’ – file comparison and metadata cleaning solutions that every legal team needs. We had a leap forward in performance with the release of Workshare 9.5. Accuracy has been dramatically improved for file comparison, the speed of metadata cleaning is now lightning fast, and we haven’t finished yet.

At ILTACON, you can book a meeting to see the next wave of advances we’re making - come and get a preview of the next version. Among other things, we'll bring better side-by-side comparison in PDF and one-click redlines. Come take a look!

“Stay on target” 

The enhancements in Workshare's products are guided by our ongoing customer research program. Our philosophy is always to continue learning by gathering feedback and changing. So, if there’s something you can’t do yet with Workshare, or there’s anything you need from us, we’d LOVE to hear about it.

At ILTACON will be our head of product management, Ryan Soosayraj. Ryan is available for private meetings or you can drop by booth 205/207 to see him and the rest of the team. Also available for meetings are our CRO, Nick Thomson, our CTO, Barrie Hadfield, and our Transact Product Manager, Owen Oliver. They’re a great crew, so book a meeting and talk to them about what you want from your legal solutions now and in the future.

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises!”

Barrie Hadfield is also delivering a “Solution Spotlight” session in Oceanside C on Wednesday 16th at 11am. He’s talking about the future of file comparison. You can catch up with him there to find out his vision for the future and we will also have some very special guests!

We always like to keep a few surprises up our sleeve for ILTACON, so we won’t say any more for now. But, “we would be honored if you would join us” at some point during the event.

Drop by booth 205/207 anytime, a warm welcome awaits.