That’s right, Workshare Professional 10 is here. And there. And everywhere!

With this release, you can compare and secure every file, wherever you are.


Professional 10 gives you lightning fast and dead accurate content comparison everywhere you work. Launch comparisons from your desktop, DMS and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook).

Powerful Excel comparison *New*

With Professional’s new Excel comparison, you can see what’s changed between two workbooks or worksheets.

Color-coded highlighting shows you a high-level view of what’s happened:

  • Inserted cells (green): These are cells, rows or columns that have been added.
  • Deleted cells (red): These are cells, rows or columns that have been removed.
  • Direct changes (yellow): These are changes made by a user. For example, when someone has updated a cell’s formula.
  • Indirect changes (blue): These are changes made by Excel. For example, when Excel has updated a cell’s value because its formula depends on a different cell that’s changed.

Changes to cell values (like numbers and text) are also clearly displayed:

  • New values (blue with an underline)
  • Deleted values (red with a strikethrough)

Use the advanced filters to focus on types of changes, like formula changes, number changes, text changes, font changes and more.

Click any cell to deep dive into its changes. See the details of every change that took place.

You can also show/hide the source formatting (the styles from the source documents you’re comparing). This makes changes easier to read if you’re comparing spreadsheets with a lot of colors and fonts. You can turn the source formatting back on at any time.

Simple comparison from Outlook *New*

New buttons and drop-down options right where you want them. Compare two email attachments (Word, PDF, PowerPoint or Excel) or even a snippet of text from the body of your email.

Improved PDF comparison *New*

Professional 10 brings you the fastest, most accurate PDF comparison. Lots of improvements behind-the-scenes add up to the best comparison yet for text-based and image-based PDFs. Changes are still displayed in Workshare’s familiar application.

Trusted Word and PDF comparison

Workshare’s patented DeltaView technology gives you accurate comparison so you can be confident you’ll never miss a change. Compare Word-to-Word, PDF-to-PDF and Word‑to‑PDF. The comparison, also known as a redline, is displayed in Workshare’s application, where you can navigate between changes, accept and reject changes and save the next version of your file.

Accurate PowerPoint comparison

Compare any two PowerPoint presentations and see the results side by side. The Slide Selector shows you a high-level view of the differences and enables you to jump to any slide pair in the Slide View where the changes are presented in detail and in context. Save the comparison or share it with others.

Fast comparison for text snippets

Compare two snippets of text, including tables, without the need to compare an entire file. Copy content from anywhere (like a document or an email), paste it into the Selective Compare tool and run the comparison. The comparison is opened in Workshare’s comparison application where you can see any changes.


When you share files, they leave the safety of your corporate network. Files that contain sensitive information like track changes, hidden text, comments or document properties, could inadvertently put a company’s reputation at risk.

Professional 10 is the fastest solution for cleaning potentially sensitive metadata in files and converting them to PDF. Feel confident that you’re only sharing the information you intended without slowing down your workflow.

It integrates with Windows, Office and all major document and case management systems so file protection is easily accessible whenever you need it.

Seamless metadata cleaning

Professional 10 automatically scans any attachments you add to a new email and alerts you to any potentially sensitive data that’s been found.

Use Professional 10’s Interactive Protect panel to apply file security options:

  • Remove any or all metadata
  • Convert the attachments to PDF or PDF/A and optionally add a password
  • Compress the attachments to a ZIP folder and optionally add a password
  • Save the attachments to a secure folder in Workshare Connect, which is accessible online

You can also clean metadata from your files before you email them. Bulk clean whole folders on your computer and clean files you have open in Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Proactive, policy-driven security

Create bespoke security policies for email attachments sent internally or externally.

Customize policies to remove metadata, convert to PDF or compress to ZIP based on file type, sender, recipient and more.

Secure file storage and sharing

Professional 10 provides secure online spaces to store and share your content.

Content is synced across your devices so you can access it from your desktop, your mobile device or online at any time.

You control who can access your content and whether they can download it, share it or just view it.

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