Upcoming webinar shows how organizations can combine flexibility with security in cloud collaboration

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON – November 08, 2012 – Workshare, a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, is hosting a webinar with the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), the global community of information professionals, on November 30 to help businesses develop an approach to cloud collaboration that balances user flexibility with organizational security. The webinar, based on the recent AIIM report, Content in the Cloud – making the right decision, focuses on the growing importance of cloud collaboration for overall productivity and to enhance teamwork with customers and partners. Workshare was a sponsor of the report.

What: Taking AIIM: Is There a Silver Bullet for Collaboration?
Increasingly evident is the need to bridge the gap between business managers seeking cloud-enabled applications for faster and more flexible collaboration and IT departments concerned with compliance breaches and maintaining control. This unease is heightened as many business users opt for consumer-grade applications – or “freemium” models – as a means to save costs.

Why: This webinar will detail how enterprise organizations can control and secure cloud collaboration without slowing down end users. Workshare’s Dave Ewart, senior director of product marketing, and AIIM’s Doug Miles, managing director, will demonstrate to attendees:

  • How to bridge the organizational divide when it comes to the adoption of cloud applications. According to the survey, business users and consultants are the strongest advocates for cloud collaboration tools, while IT administrators, finance and the C-level remain split on the issue. By developing a cloud collaboration approach that takes all stakeholder concerns into account, organizations can maximize overall productivity and strengthen collaboration with customers, partners and other prospects.
  • The reality of cloud collaboration when communicating with customers and partners. Currently, 64% of organizations plan to use cloud collaboration services with customers, yet only 15% do so to date. Yet, whether known or not, nearly all companies use the cloud in this capacity via email and regularly deal with frustrations, such as version control issues, storage costs, unencrypted meta-data and risks associated with unauthorized forwards and accidental recipients. Ideal cloud collaboration platforms should solve these pain points and integrate with email, so users are not expected to drastically change the way they work. 
  • How Workshare’s technology allows the IT department to facilitate secure multi-party collaboration across departments and between offices, clients, and partners and the importance of choosing a solution with policies built into the platform, rather than simply dictating what users can and cannot access or do.

Where: To join the webinar, visit http://go.workshare.com/GlobalAIIMwebinarinvite1_Registration.html

When: Friday, November 30, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. EST/ 3:00 p.m. GMT. This webinar will be available for download starting Monday, December 3.

Who: Dave Ewart, senior director of product marketing, Workshare along with Doug Miles, managing director, AIIM.