May the force be with you at ILTACON

The force will be with us. Always.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have great customers and partners, which means we can design and innovate new technology for the future of the legal industry with their help, input and advice.  Future legal technology will only have the ‘force’ it needs if it’s based on what you - our clients (or our competitors’ clients) - want.

The legal solutions of the future will be those defined by users and (hopefully) designed by us. And, this is part of the discussion we’re looking forward to bringing to ILTACON in 2017.

There are some enhancements we’ve already made based on feedback from our research program, which started in January. The idea of embedding our file comparison and protection solutions within the other platforms legal professionals use came from this process. The approach of embedding, not just integrating, will create greater mobility for fee-earners and reduce congestion on the desktop for IT professionals.

These solutions are Compare Everywhere and Protect Everywhere, and we’ll be showcasing them with our Partners at ILTACON.

Workshare strikes back

While we’ve already made vast in-roads into improving our core file comparison and protection solutions this year – what we’ve termed the ‘beautiful basics’ of the legal desktop – we won’t stop our advance.

With the launch of Workshare 9.5 last month, we improved table comparison and PDF comparison, as well as reducing the seconds it takes to clean files of metadata.

Now we’re focussing on delivery of Workshare 10, and you can get a preview of the new functionality and features at ILTACON. Either book a demo now to fit with your itinerary, or you can, of course, pop over to the Workshare booth any time during the week.

Return of the Jedi

Barrie Hadfield, our very own tech Jedi, will also be returning to ILTA.

Since the inception of DeltaView more than 15years ago, Barrie has always kept one eye to the future. Learning, intuiting and discerning what legal users and IT leaders are going to want from technology in 5 or 10 years’ time, and bringing this back into the core of our business.

Barrie will be taking the ILTA Stage in a ‘Solution Spotlight’ where he will outline plans for: 

  • Delivering more accurate file comparison
  • Focussing on enhanced file protection
  • Using metadata to monitor risk and prevent data loss

The force awakens

The force awakens on Monday 14th August when we hit ILTACON’s first night party with everything we’ve got. We can’t wait for it to start!

We know this year is going to be another incredible experience, as well as a lot of fun.

ILTACON always helps push forward new ideas and there will be a futuristic theme, as we continue to evolve ideas for the legal desktop and beyond. We’re refining the beautiful basics of file comparison and security with support from our clients, users, other vendors and partners.

We’re conducting a ‘live survey’ at the event (with the chance to win an iPad), asking leading IT professionals, like you, what they believe the legal desktop will look like in 5 years’ time; what the security and review-related issues are that will need to be resolved; and what the teams you work with most want from their core utilities.

We hope you’ll come by and see us – either through the Solution Spotlight, a personal demo or by visiting our booth. We really want you to contribute to the discussions we’re starting at ILTACON.

We've got a good feeling about this.