Infographic: What's hidden in your Excel spreadsheets' metadata?

Excel spreadsheets typically contain more information than many think.

Metadata is information about a document and every time one is attached to an email, the metadata is sent with it. As it is generally hidden, it is important to understand the relative risk of leaving metadata in documents when they are shared. At one end of the scale, document metadata leaks can lead to loss of confidence, angry clients or disciplinary action. While at the other end, serious reputational damage, scandals and lawsuits can result, especially if social security or personally identifiable information is involved.

Employees often inadvertently share sensitive information held within presentations that can potentially disclose confidential information and expose them and their company to serious risk. See our infographic to see what hidden information your Excel spreadsheets may be hiding such as:

  • Document statistics
  • Comments
  • Track changes
  • Hidden rows and columns
  • Redacted text
  • Macros