Having observed fellow workers on the train into work, my love-hate relationship with email is evidently not unique. Email is slated as one of the best communication tools ever invented. And to some extent, it is. But the moans and grunts over “Undelivered” emails suggest it has seen better days. People call through to IT support to debate why they cannot send anything larger than 10MB on their work email. Emails about emails, “now with attachment”. Are email’s days numbered?

Of course not, not quite yet. Email serves its purpose. And that is to send messages. But we are a mobile workforce that finds it easier to collaborate using the consumer applications and social media we have grown to love in our personal lives, for work. It is no longer enough to just send a message or email. We want to collaborate!

This means being able to share large files with whoever we want to. Being able to comment and discuss documents with our teams, and even with customers. See who is reading our documents and how they’re being shared. Because of course, our knowledge and ideas are our greatest asset, and we want to keep them safe.

The mobile movement and the need to work from anywhere on any device has increased demand for file sharing and collaboration applications. But we’re also seeing a move away from consumer products such as Dropbox, as people want to not only share documents with individuals, but collaborate with groups. We want to make suggestions directly on documents so that our input is heard, not just with one person but shared with the full team working on that project. We want to see what other conversations are going on around a document, and how it has changed or evolved. We want the simplicity of consumer applications, but enhanced collaboration features that let us work as a team – no matter whether we’re on a mobile device or across the other side of the world. We want file sharing and collaboration applications that are built for work.

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