So what's new since we last sent out an update in January?

Well, the first thing you have probably noticed - we are going to be blogging instead of emailing our newsletter out, which should mean more frequent updates in one, easy to reference place!

We are going to keep it simple - if you need more information, please get in touch with us on



Q1 Performance

The Workshare Channel smashed it in Q1 with a global achievement well over target.  It all goes down to the hard work of all of you, so a big: THANK YOU.

That all said, it's now coming onto the end of Q2 - so keep on closing out the deals you've got left!


Keith has run, with the new member of our channel marketing team – Nick Burt – our first two Workshare and Microsoft round-table events in NYC and London.  Our main focus on these was to not push product, but to talk about the regulatory issues surrounding legal IT and how changes, like the introduction of the new EU General Data Protection Regulations will effect businesses. 

The feedback has been very positive and we are now planning on our next series of events, coming to a town near you soon!  If you want to help run one, do get in touch with Mia, Michael, Ryan or myself and we will get the ball rolling.  It does offer a good thought leadership opportunity for all concerned plus we should be able to offer organisational assistance where required.

Channel Incentives

In an effort to get everyone talking about Workshare 9, we are going to be running an incentive for the rest of this quarter.  The first sales person that closes the regional equivalent of £30k/$45k of Workshare Sharing edition, will be rewarded with £250 of Amazon vouchers.  If you can let your team know, we will announce who the winner is as soon as we have a signed PO.

Nick Burt

New Team Members

As mentioned above, very glad to announce that Nick Burt has joined the Channel team as our marketing manager.  Based out of London, he will be responsible for helping drive opportunities into the channel for you to follow up on and to help run events as well.  Welcome Nick!  He brings with him bags of enthusiasm for the potential for driving opportunities together with our partners.

Training on Workshare 9

We’ve been running in person and remote training sessions for partners and their sales teams on the Workshare 9 messaging and follow-up sessions with the technical teams on installation and configuration options.  Again, if this is something that you want for you and your team, please let us know and we will get something setup.

Product News


iManage Work 9.3 support

Now, if you ask our product manager, Matthew Roberts, we already worked with Work 9.3, however this new release - Workshare 9 Update 6 - has had a full QA cycle on Work 9.3 now and will therefore be more reliable for your clients to use. 

64-bit Office Support

Matt has also released a new version of the Workshare Compare for 64bit Office, bringing over improvements from the main Compare code branch.  In case you missed it, the Professional product team released an Office 64-bit compatible version of Workshare Compare last year.  It’s a stand-alone version of Compare, however he and the team are working currently on building out a fully integrated version for the summer.



Our DevOps team have been hard at work to make this happen over the past 18 months, so a big congrats to them.

All of our production servers are now running on Microsoft Azure’s Dublin data-centre.  If you want to find out more about the reasoning about it, read on.

What are the benefits to clients?  Heaps.  They will be able to store their data in any of the Microsoft Azure data centres globally, of which at last count there were 4x as many as Amazon – plus, Microsoft are bringing Azure to the UK and to Germany this year (so good news for those of us in EMEA!).

Going to Azure means we can get our authentication aligned with Azure Active Directory as well, meaning easier management of users for clients through Active Directory Federation.

We also think it offers some future proofing as well.  Clients who have Office 365 and Azure on their roadmaps will get integrated services from Workshare if and when they decide to make the move.


Ben and Owen continue to crack-on with building out more features for those corporate M&A lawyers out there.  The biggest changes have been made behind the scenes, where users will see performance improvement benefits – however the one change I wanted to pull out was quietly done in March: the creation of a “micro-service” which allows users to connect to third party storage systems, including on premise storage – so yes, you get the ability to use hybrid storage of the files that are in the application, if they are sensitive; but you can also use other storage providers of choice, for where you want the files to remain.  Neat.

Transact keeps going from strength to strength and we are seeing a lot of interest from lawyers within firms, as they can see the potential value of it.  If you think you could do with some extra help on identifying Transact opportunities, please get in touch.



We’ve got a new member of the product team – Chantal – who has come full of enthusiasm to pick-up the mobile applications.  First beneficiaries: us Android users!  I’m not going to say that we were ever overlooked in the past in favour of our Apple brothers, but we’ve had two releases from Chantal for Android in only the past two months.  Best news – you can get access to your Group files from the application.

The other major new update has been for our iOS application, which now includes Proximity Share - where a user can share Workshare files from their iOS app, straight to other users with the app also installed.  Smart.

Mobile has a new mini-site which you can  see here: Workshare Mobile Mini-site.