Selective Compare: How to compare two sections of a document

Quickly compare two pieces of selected content, for example two versions of a document or two tables, to see what has changed with Selective Compare. Compare text, tables, code or images with our fast and accurate patented software.

Whether you are working in Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint, simply select the Workshare button from the ribbon and click on Selective Compare. This will bring up a pop-up screen with two boxes, ‘Original’ and ‘Modified.’ Select the original text, table or image that you want to look at and drag the content or click to paste it into the Original box. Then select the new content that you want to compare and drag or click to paste it into the Modified box. Finally click on the Compare button and you’ll get an easy-to-read overview of the changes between the sections.

Sometimes it’s more convenient to check only the snippet you are working on instead of the whole document. Here are some different ways you might use Selective Compare:

  • If you want to compare just one section of a text against an update, Selective Compare makes this quick and easy.
  • It even works with tables and images. This could help you maintain version control if you have several people working on a piece of content at the same time or could give you a snapshot of what’s changed over several versions.
  • If you work with website copy, and you have someone working on an update, you can immediately see what’s been changed.

Matt Roberts, Product Manager at Workshare, said: “When we developed Selective Compare we were aiming for simplicity and were successful as this function is the easiest action to complete in our software tool kit. When we ran a series of Webinars on how to get the best out of your Compare product, this was the most commented-on feature. Some people might not have the latest version of the software, and as Selective Compare is relatively new you might have to upgrade to access it. Download the latest version now or contact our Support team if you need any assistance.”

To read more about Selective Compare take a look at this article in our Knowledge Base: or follow this link to see a video on our YouTube channel: