May 20, London, 2014Southwark Liberal Democrats has today announced that it has selected Workshare to simplify collaboration and keep confidential documents secure for employees on the campaign trail, which targets over 100,000 local constituents.

The implementation of Workshare is part of a wider strategy to simplify how collateral associated with high-profile political campaigns is shared. It provides a central hub for all election staff, whether that is offsite contractors, volunteers or permanent staff members, allowing them to work collaboratively and efficiently on any device, in a secure cloud environment. Workshare’s ease-of-use, flexibility, and the ability to protect documents on the move were critical factors in the awarding of the contract.

Kyle Taylor, Campaigns Director at the Southwark Liberal Democrats, commented, “There are no set office hours in politics, which meant that we needed an application that allowed the team to work flexibly and efficiently on the move. We also need to keep our confidential digital content secure and only available to authorized users.”

The Liberal Democrats’ campaign teams will use Workshare to create, discuss, and share content, such as biweekly publications and campaign plans that need to be kept secure due to the hyper-competitive and wide-reaching nature of election campaigns. Workshare allows users to set permissions to control how content and documents are accessed and used. This ensures that shared content is encrypted and secure, regardless of what device documents are sent from, or from where.

Anthony Foy, CEO of Workshare, concluded “The Southwark Liberal Democrats work in a highly competitive environment where information is critical to success. Party members spend the majority of their time on the road and need to be able to work together efficiently, regardless of their location. Workshare provides the party’s employees and contractors with greater flexibility and simplified remote working and hope that this will be a blueprint for future political campaign execution as they look for ways to mobilise their teams yet maintain complete privacy and security.”