Taming the Version Monster

The Version Monster is Alive in your Law Firm


Nearly everyone behind a keyboard has come face-to-face with the “Version Monster” and it’s not a pretty sight. Legal professionals are no exception and perhaps feel the weight of the Version Monster more than anyone. Each day multiple versions of a document get emailed back and forth, edited by an army of people, with everyone losing track of just who has reviewed the latest draft, and which is the final version…sound familiar?


A 2013 survey from the Harris Interactive market research firm showed that 83% of knowledge workers in the US and UK lose time every day due to versioning issues. Nearly half of them have sent the wrong version of a document to a client, colleague or supervisor, and 57% are often confused about whether or not they are working on the right version.


Simply put, the Version Monster wastes time, drains energy and costs productivity.


What’s Feeding the Version Monster?


In this digital age, there are an unnatural number of ways to share files and collaborate on documents - some of them approved and sanctioned, others most definitely not. Additionally, the need to satisfy client demands and honor preferred routes makes it’s hard for the lawyers to say no. This doesn’t get the Version Monster out of their face or off their back.


It can be a nightmare to manage, but rest easy because there is a simple solution. Consolidating the enterprise infrastructure, while securing a smart way to share, review and compare files. This means unifying and securing the systems by which data leaves your business, and controlling the edits and versions of files coming back in.


There are a tangled number of pathways by which information can leave an organization, with no way of tracking where data has gone or whether it’s found its way back. IT teams want to provide a simple way to navigate through this - the client gets the information the way they want; legal teams are in control of their files; and IT have consolidated and secured the enterprise infrastructure.


Happy days (for everyone except the Version Monster of course)!


Don’t Tolerate the Version Monster Anymore


Through a single platform, like Workshare 9, which secures a smart, fast way for colleagues to share, review and compare files, IT can control and protect the enterprise infrastructure, while still giving teams the freedom to share content in a way that works for everyone.


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