Deck 1Today in the workplace, it seems as if attorneys are facing challenges coming from many different directions. The stress of conquering an ever-growing workload is bad enough, but when pressure from clients gets added to the mix, the load can seem never-ending.

The legal ‘efficiency agenda’

According to our CEO, Anthony Foy, the main issue that law firms face today is, “the pressure that they’re under in terms of becoming more efficient.”

In an article, The Lawyer dubs this trend the ‘efficiency agenda’. Adding to this pressure, law firms’ clients are increasingly pushing back on billable hours, so today’s attorneys need to be transparent and demonstrate their value even further when working on a matter. To increase efficiency, law firms must, according to Foy, “look at how they become more efficient across the organization. That comes down to the technology and what technologies they deploy.” 

In a recent article from Above the Law, Jeff Bennion discusses how legal must now embrace new technology and innovate: "Not being able to take advantage of the shortcuts that technology offers can put back any firm of any size.”   As applications that help to drive efficiencies become even more accessible to firms and legal professionals, those that do not adapt will find it hard to compete. For those that do, efficiency and competitiveness will go hand in hand.

Enter time-saving technology for document review

Technology’s influence on organizational efficiency and productivity is potentially unlimited, from helping you conquer email overload to assuaging your customers’ fears about rising costs. In the future, new applications and software will even help change the legal landscape by creating legal marketplaces to meet consumer demands. According to TechCrunch, soon “legal marketplaces will experience rapid growth and become the go-to way we find attorneys.” This will encourage attorneys to find the best ways to drive productivity up, as they compete more and more for customers, who will demand better prices and services. As a result, as Tech Crunch notes, “legal technology is finally having its moment in the spotlight, and we are only at the beginning of the boom.”

Shorten document review

At Workshare, we think about what our users’ most pressing needs are, so when we were developing our latest document review and collaboration suite, Professional 9, we spent a lot of time trying to understand a day in the life of an attorney. One of the biggest things we observed was the length of time it took to move a document through a standard document review cycle. As everyone knows, to compare documents, share files, and accurately gain the necessary feedback in a document review cycle can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. To fix this, we’ve added features to make your workflow seamless. With Professional 9, your document review cycle will be shorter, more accurate, and certainly easier. Overall, we’re helping you eliminate the most time-consuming part of your job, so that you can stay productive.

We’ve designed Professional 9 to make an even bigger difference in the day to day life of our users, and we think you’ll be happy with what we’ve come up with.Leila Blog