The State of Data Loss Prevention Today

We're working longer hours on increasingly confidential projects. There are newer data breach events occurring on a daily basis. Your clients are pushing new expectations on to your workflow with comprehensive Outside Counsel Guideline documents. All of your vendor case studies are making you feel like your in-house systems are not ready. Your stress levels are rising.  In the words of Douglas Adams: Don't Panic!


We're seeing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) as growing in importance across the Information Security and Information Technology practices within the services industry. DLP is aimed at everyone and every system within each company. This means that it impacts everyone at every level. A lot of existing security protocols are already building towards being compliant with DLP – so good news, you're probably doing more to secure your data than you're giving yourself credit for.


DLP solutions affect data in all states – whether they're at rest, in processing or in transit. While it's all the same data, there are different ways of ensuring that DLP is effective in each of these states. When data is at rest, an access control mechanism would help limit exposure to the data. When the data is being processed (or worked on), masking confidential details would be the best option. When data is being moved, ensuring that only the right people receive work product is important.

Vijay Thampy, Senior Product Manager at Workshare