You know that moment of guilt when you need to get a large file to yourself and the easiest solution is a free file sharing program that your organization's banned? That moment of frurstration when all you can think about is how you'd really like to get on with your work instead of worrying about how to get to your work. We've heard it before, which is why we've added a managed file transfer (MFT) feature to Workshare Professional and Protect. The new feature lets you share large and sensitive documents directly from Microsoft Outlook by pushing them to the Workshare platform and sending your recipients a secure link. It's an easy way to extend document security and enhance controlled collaboration.

Workshare Professional and Protect further secures sent files by, when necessary, removing metadata or converting the files to a PDF before pushing them to the platform – all from Outlook. You can set policies and permissions based on the sensitivity of the document. These include access notifications, preventing recipients from forwarding the link or document, preventing downloading printing, or specifying an expiration date for the file after which access is denied. All transfers are protected by RC4 128-bit/SSL 256 AES encryption and all recipients are authenticated before access is granted unless specified by the sender.

In addition to providing enhanced security for content, the MFT feature allows your organization to reduce email storage costs and ensure attachments are stored in one central repository. The new MFT feature also supports email filing policies as it maintains a record of files in the Sent Items folder. This feature builds on our reputation of providing secure collaboration tools to 98 percent of Am Law 200 and 67 percent of Fortune 1000 companies.

We're excited because it's a first-of-its-kind managed file transfer feature that includes metadata removal and policy enforcement to prevent employees sharing sensitive data and documents inadvertently! Ensuring adherence to compliance, transparency and other legislative mandates are of the utmost concern to enterprises. Our MFT feature alleviates those concerns, providing a complete audit trail for every file sent, including versions and all document-related communications.

Read all about it in the press release.