Discover how policy-based enforcement is changing the file sharing and collaboration landscape

MARCH 06, SAN FRANCISCO & LONDONWorkshare, a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration and social business applications, is hosting a webinar featuring Forrester Research, Inc., on March 20 to showcase primary research conducted by Forrester’s Rob Koplowitz covering best practices in selecting and deploying secure file sharing and collaboration applications for the enterprise.

What: “Face File Sync and Sharing Head On: Policy Enforcement in the Enterprise”

Today, most enterprises are facing a common problem: end users are introducing rogue applications and creating a patchwork environment of consumer-based file sharing and collaboration tools. This leads to a range of commercial risks in relation to loss of intellectual property, contravention of compliance, and breaching privacy and transparency legislation as well as internal data policy mandates.

Why: This webinar will demonstrate how businesses can stay ahead of the BYOD movement and provide policy-based data security and control in file sharing. Forrester’s Rob Koplowitz, vice president, principal analyst serving CIOs, and Workshare’s Dave Ewart, director of product marketing, will share insights on:

• What the benefits are to file synchronization and sharing.
• Why users are threatening corporate IP by using rogue applications and what organizations can to do prevent this.
• What organizations should look for when choosing a secure platform.
• Understanding what users want and how to meet their needs. Case study: How an international law firm with a workforce distributed across three countries is leveraging Workshare to share files and collaborate securely.

When: Wednesday, March 20, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. PT/ 4 p.m. GMT.

Who: Dave Ewart, director of product marketing, Workshare and Rob Koplowitz, vice president, principal analyst serving CIOs, Forrester.