With 3 out of 5 of us working on documents outside the office, today’s workforce demands that employees access, share, and collaborate on files easily from any device, without compromising its security. 

However, employees are often unaware of hidden data – or metadata – in documents they share. As such, corporate information and intellectual property is unintentionally put at risk by sharing documents containing sensitive or confidential information. In fact, a recent survey by Workshare of 800 global professionals, on ‘Detecting Business Risk’, revealed that 72% of professionals risk leaking corporate data by using unsanctioned, consumer file sharing applications.   

Users set the file sharing agenda

We’ve seen a power shift in organizations with employees, rather than IT, setting the agenda for file sharing. The Detecting Business Risk survey also showed that while 86% of knowledge workers are aware of the risk posed by sharing corporate content externally, only 18% actively take steps to remove metadata before sharing a file. 

We also found that 79% of employees receive emails with attachments not intended for them. The results highlight that a significant amount of valuable and sensitive corporate content is landing in the wrong hands and escaping the control of IT groups.

In order to understand the security risks associated with unsecured file sharing, Workshare has developed Detect - a free educational tool for users which identifies and highlights hidden data contained within their documents. By using Workshare Detect, users can ensure that they are aware of any hidden data before sharing a file, and as a result, that they only share what they intend to. 

Workshare Detect raises awareness of the dangers of metadata and is a significant step towards creating a new generation of security-aware individuals that will practice risk-free collaboration.

Workshare Detect

Scan your document and you’ll receive a report showing your risk level and a list of the metadata hidden in your document and what makes it vulnerable: hidden hyperlinks; total editing time; white text, etc. 

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