Now that the festive season is upon us, we’re here to inject a bit of fun into your Friday! Each Friday in the run up to Christmas we will be posting a picture of a city scene with hidden backpack icons on our Facebook page. Once you find one – tag it! Then comment on the picture so that we know it was you who found it first. You may only tag one backpack per photo, so make sure you come back each week for your chance to win. 

After the last photo is posted on the December 20th, we will count the total amount of backpacks found by everyone who took part, and those who found the most will win a backpack of their own, filled with personalized New Year gifts to help reinvent their working lives, up to the value of $750. In the event of a tie break, we will post a ‘sudden death’ ‘Where’s Workshare?’ picture for the finalists to take part in at a predefined time. The picture will contain one really well hidden backpack, and the winner will be whoever spots and tags it first!

Where’s Workshare – What to do?

  • If you’re not already a Workshare customer, you’ll need to sign up for a free Personal account
  • When you find a backpack, ‘tag’ yourself in the photo on the backpack and comment
  • There will be four photos in the run up to Christmas and you can take part in all of them – you’ll need to spot a backpack in all if you want to win!

We will be promoting the pictures via twitter and LinkedIn once they go live each Friday, so keep an eye out for ‘Where’s Workshare’ and happy spotting!















Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve the right to refuse submissions
  • We reserve the right to remove tags
  • The competition will finish on the December  21st after the last photo is posted
  • In the event of a ‘sudden death’ round, this will take place on the  December 23rd, with the winner announced directly afterwards