Delivery day for Workshare 9.5 

We've been laboring hard in Workshare to understand more about what our clients (and our competitors' clients) want from the 'beautiful basics' they use each day. These are the things everyone needs on their devices to deliver high stakes documents painlessly - document comparison and metadata file cleaning.

Well d-day has arrived and we're delighted to be able to introduce our beautiful new baby - Workshare 9.5 

Cleaning up is fast. Very fast!

From today, clients that upgrade to 9.5 and all new clients will see a significant performance improvement when cleaning metadata from Office documents. This is mainly because we don't need to launch Office applications in the background to do the cleaning anymore. We've also improved the way we discover metadata and load dialogs.

Workshare has achieved this by including the cleaning technology we've been using in our Protect Server offering on the desktop, replacing the old ‘Lightspeed Clean’ technology we previously used. This is now the default setting, even when upgrading, so all our users will see and feel an instant improvement.

Others just don't compare

Following on from the performance improvements in metadata cleaning, we've also changed the way we load some components in the Workshare comparison engine. Even though they were already pretty fast, we've shaved some time off comparing two documents to make it even quicker. 

Automatic Change Notification (ACN) - Hush now

ACN has been a feature that our clients have loved when we show them a demo of it. Unfortunately, in the real world, when some users have upwards of 30,000 items in their inbox, they didn't love it quite so much.

Now everything's quietened down a little.

We've completely changed the technology behind ACN and no longer rely on users tagging documents when they're sent out. This means the technology also works for our Compare only customers.

We don’t need to scan through all the emails in a user’s mailbox every time they receive a changed document back. On top of these 'behind-the-scenes' improvements, we've given the UI a refresh. Gone is the blue bar – now we just have a redesigned panel which shows users all the information they need.

Comparison Accuracy Improvements - It's beautiful!

We've made great strides in improving accuracy of comparisons in 9.5.

Some of these improvements have come from resolving bugs and others have come from rethinking how we compare some elements in certain situations, for example, when the structure of a table within a document has changed, but not the text contained within it.

The following is an example of how we previously showed amendments to a table that had changed structure (with lots of edits) and how this has been improved in 9.5, allowing our users to focus on the text changes they care about.

We've also updated some of the components we use when comparing PDFs, which gives a better quality OCR and more reliable conversions.

Rendering Sets

All our default rendering sets have been updated to compare Comments and Images out of the box. The reason we made this change is so any current or prospective client sees our full capabilities right away, rather than mistakenly thinking we don't compare those components.

We know this won’t be for everyone, but don’t worry, editing rendering sets with preferred settings is a very simple process that a lot of our larger customers do anyway. 

Quieter Licensing

We listened to what our clients said about licensing and we've quietened things down. 

  • No notifications at all while in a licensed state
  • A softer approach when the license does expire (i.e. won’t stop a user from working)
  • Improvements to the Configuration Manager licensing section
  • Different messaging for trial users and paid users 

32-bit and 64-bit are twins

Releasing 64-bit is nothing new for us, but this is the first release where we have aligned the 32-bit and 64-bit releases. This means that they're identical twins - all the way down to having the same version number. This is how we will continue moving forward.

Thank you to the delivery team

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to our research program and the launch of this baby. Lots of lovely clients and prospects took part, as well as our own internal Workshare superheroes from development and QA, Knowledge, Support, Commercial, Sales and Marketing.

You should all be very proud parents.


Expecting again...

PS - Later this year, 9.5 will give way to an even smarter new member of the Workshare family (usurping its place, but in a good way). We're currently incubating Workshare 10!