Highly-regulated industries can now compare documents on the move

NOVEMBER 13, LONDON, UK - Workshare has today announced that it has partnered with Alfresco, to allow customers to manage content hosted on the Alfresco platform and seamlessly compare files online using Workshare Compare Server capabilities. The partnership eliminates the need for costly projects or integrations of multiple vendor technologies. The integration allows customers to gain significant value from Alfresco by allowing users to accurately compare documents across multiple devices.
Together with Alfresco, Workshare Compare Server will enhance document libraries by allowing real-time, highly-accurate comparisons for all Microsoft document types in addition to PDF/A. For highly-regulated markets such as legal, financial, pharma and healthcare, this enables users to work in a secure, compliant environment even while on the move.

“Workshare’s comparison applications are used by 62 percent of the Fortune 1000’s legal departments and as such require information accuracy, privacy and access control,” said John Newton, CTO and Co-founder of Alfresco. “The Alfresco integration with Workshare’s technology gives global customers added enhancements to our smart platform to help organisations effectively meet these stringent requirements.”

“Accuracy is a pressure that many of us understand and deem important. However, in highly-regulated industries, accuracy is non-negotiable,” commented Anthony Foy, CEO of Workshare. “Client and compliance pressures mean that users are now turning to applications such as Workshare’s to automate comparisons, remove human error, and provide complete peace of mind. We’re excited to be partnering with Alfresco, and believe that together we bridge the gap between the different document management applications people use while at the same time provide one simple collaboration destination.”

Micro Strategies will be hosting Workshare and revealing the new functionality at the Micro Strategies pod at The Alfresco Summit in Boston, November 12-15