San Francisco, CA, February 13, 2012 - Workshare, a leading provider of document collaboration software, just announced a new partnership with Winvale, a leading government technology solutions provider focusing on identifying and integrating emerging technologies to solve the government's mission and critical needs. 

Workshare provides knowledge workers with a seamless experience when collaborating on documents while, at the same time, providing complete security and control. By enhancing Microsoft Office features, Workshare enables more efficient document exchange so business professionals require less training and no longer need to think about the tools they use to collaborate. Kevin Lancaster, Winvale Managing Partner said, "We are pleased to be working with Workshare and offering a simple but extremely effective collaborative document management solution."

Workshare is now on Winvale's GSA Schedule 70, GS-35F-0074S. Workshare earned a 5-star 'Spectacular' rating for Workshare Professional 7 in a recent review on Professional 7 software is an enterprise-class solution that works with Microsoft Office so users can easily review and compare changes to contracts and other documentation when sharing between email, web portals and repositories. 

Scott Smull, CEO, Workshare, said, "Workshare's solutions allow organizations and employees to collaborate easier and faster. We are pleased to leverage Winvale's expertise to bring Workshare to government professionals."