Workshare Announce Upcoming Release Based on Customer Research

London, (May 2, 2017): Workshare, the high stakes document company, announces details of its latest product release, innovating on their core document comparison and metadata cleaning solution for the legal industry. These developments and future milestones have been generated from an in-depth customer research program conducted by the business.

Workshare’s new release delivers more accurate document comparison and faster cleaning of metadata from files. 

  • Accuracy: Workshare has specifically improved Word Table comparison to increase accuracy, and redlines will be easier to read. PDF comparison is also more accurate, especially when displaying differences in tables.
  • Speed: With a re-architected metadata cleaning engine, Workshare will reduce the time it takes to scan and clean an average document by 65%, with a target of up to 10X performance improvement on simple attachments.
  • Licensing: Also in response to customer research, Workshare is simplifying the licensing of their software with “frictionless” authentication for users.

Barrie Hadfield, CTO of Workshare, said; “Workshare is known for its innovation. We are listening to our customers and delivering even better performance and accuracy through new developments. We refer to the latest features at the core of this release as 'beautiful basics'. They will also drive progresses for the rest of 2017."

Christine Davies, head of design at Workshare, leads a team that carries out extensive, ongoing customer research. She added: “Accuracy is critical to the customers we talk to and contributes to how quickly they turn documents around. Being able to complete comparison easily and trust the results that come back in the redline gives greater confidence during reviews.”

Workshare has opened their development plans, publishing a Transparent Product Roadmap that allows audiences to view and comment on the features in progress and those being researched. The company is encouraging interaction through their ongoing research program.

Barrie concluded; “Unlike most vendors, Workshare is determined customers should help lead development. This kind of openness and insight is what helped us build DeltaView and it’s shaping the next generation of Workshare solutions.”

View our Transparent Roadmap

About Workshare

Workshare is dedicated to helping professionals compare, protect and share their high stakes documents. Since 1999, Workshare has developed and released intelligent technology for business services firms. Now, more than two million professionals use Workshare around the world.

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