December 9 2014, London, UK – Building on the success of DeltaView, Workshare today announced the arrival of Professional 9, an application that lets legal professionals meet the sector’s rising demand for pace and precision. With firms and corporate counsels striving to achieve smarter working practices, Professional 9 allows documents to be compared, edited, and collaborated on in one single application. By underpinning the modern legal professional’s workflow, Professional 9 is set to be the answer for many who need to do more with ‘less’.

Productivity enhancements include a new ‘accept or reject’ feature, which allows legal professionals to apply changes directly from the DeltaView. This seamless editing experience helps drive significant efficiency gains for users, while meeting the need for absolute accuracy.

Its ‘change notification’ feature automatically alerts recipients of changes made to email attachments, allowing users to instantly compare new and previous versions of documents directly from their Outlook. This provides a holistic view of what’s changed, addressing version-control issues and keeping everyone in the loop.

Barry MacTavish, Partner at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman commented, "Workshare Professional 9 enables attorneys to not only stay connected while working remotely, but also increase productivity wherever they are. The ability to review, accept and reject changes within one application is a major game changer for the legal sector. This functionality means that attorneys are not only able to work on and progress documents faster, but be more responsive and efficient than ever. This will allow us to provide better client service, and also ensure work is always accurate and of the highest standard.”

Anthony Foy, CEO at Workshare commented, “Firms and corporate counsels are under incredible pressure to cut costs yet increase efficiency. Having dedicated resources or highly skilled legal professionals doing administrative tasks is unproductive. Professional 9 helps to dramatically shorten review cycles, letting legal professionals focus on what they do best.”