Today we’re happy to announce that we now integrate more deeply with both Microsoft SharePoint and Autonomy iManage. This new integration will allow users to securely share documents much faster. Our unique new features will not only save time and confusion, but they are also the first step in bridging the gap between traditional DMS and ECM systems to connect Workshare’s collaboration platform with SharePoint and iManage.

These integrations will ensure increased security. Users no longer need to download documents and send them as an email attachment as they can easily synchronize documents stored in the DMS or ECM to Workshare’s secure platform. This, in turn, also saves time and unnecessary hassle, increasing productivity as all collaborators will work from the same version. An indicator in the DMS and ECM notifies users that there is a collaboration taking place via our platform, and from the platform collaborators can make full use of our accurate document comparison and tagged commenting that is unique to Workshare. This can be done with full confidence that all document changes are managed throughout the document lifecycle and that the latest version will be synced from our platform back to SharePoint or iManage.

To find out more about these new features, read our press release.