With the sheer number of log-in credentials that employees have to remember every day, it’s easy to waste time entering and re-entering password attempts to log in to various platforms.

Therefore, we have now integrated Active Directory (AD) / Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) into our platform, which enables secure single sign-on (SSO), allowing users to synchronize existing log-in credentials.

Enterprises are always looking for ways to increase security and productivity, and this integration allows for both. It makes enterprise collaboration simple.

These single sign-on capabilities are enabled by PingONE, which specializes in providing SSO options to third-party software partners via its PingFederate technology. PingONE also automates user management to Workshare’s collaboration platform, while ensuring that identity information is safe and secure behind clients’ firewalls.

Workshare integration with AD and SSO lets users securely access Workshare’s unique document-level comparison and data policy enforcement features in a highly secure environment. It also enables IT professionals to reduce the time spend spent provisioning user accounts.