September 12, LONDON, UK Workshare, a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, today announced the launch of its hybrid cloud-deployment options. For semi- and highly regulated sectors, Workshare gives customers the opportunity to choose a data center infrastructure that suits their data security requirements. This provides businesses with greater control over how their information is accessed and shared, ensuring complete information security and privacy when collaborating with others. 

Independent analyst firm Forrester states that, “The future platform for document collaboration must accommodate the complex requirements of mobile employees and partner collaboration … Before CIOs can lead their teams to make the best product choice for the short and long term, they will have to get agreement on these architecture questions: Can [they] store files in and access them from the cloud? Should [they] store files in the vendor's repository or [their] own storage system? What's the right tradeoff between content security and workforce experience?”   

Workshare’s hybrid cloud options enable customers to:

  • Select a geography-specific data center location for encrypted storage of documents and data in specific data centers 
  • Opt to use their own storage infrastructure and encryption services for files and data in a hybrid-cloud model while leveraging Workshare’s public-cloud application 

Anthony Foy, CEO at Workshare, commented, “The need to have greater control over how corporate information is stored, accessed, and shared has become a top priority for businesses. CIOs recognize this need but find it difficult to find a solution that gives them the level of control they require. Workshare’s hybrid cloud option offers an unmatched level of control.”

Workshare’s data centers are located in the USA (10 locations including San Francisco and New York) or Europe (Dublin, Ireland or Zurich, Switzerland).