APRIL 4, LONDON, UKWorkshare, a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, today launched the PowerPoint comparison feature for its platform users. Harnessing Workshare’s patented DeltaView comparison technology, the feature allows employees to improve productivity while working on PowerPoint files by accurately comparing multiple versions on any device.

The new feature gives users a simple and fast way to compare PowerPoints, reducing the time taken to compare versions manually and eliminating the risks associated with sharing inaccurate information. Accessible through any browser-enabled device, including tablet and smart phones, this new feature allows users to identify changes. Changes such as text, hyperlinks, speaker notes, objects, and images – including slide backgrounds – are highlighted.

Platform users can select the file versions they wish to compare, and all changes are automatically displayed and highlighted side-by-side. Users also have access to Workshare’s powerful collaboration features so they can easily roll back to an earlier file version as needed, make tagged comments, or upload a new version. If a user makes comments or changes to a file, all other collaborators are instantly notified via email and can access the file from any device.

“PowerPoint comparison is critical across sectors, such as consulting and professional services, where deadline-driven presentations have to be accurate,” said Anthony Foy, CEO of Workshare. “In fact, 85% of the Professional Services 250 worldwide use our desktop comparison applications, so we made the decision to extend this comparison functionality to our cloud collaboration platform. Now the increasingly mobile workforce can continue to work while on the go.”