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  • Breach the security gap (not the data)
  • Word! How to compare two PowerPoints
  • Innovation in transaction management

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Breach the security gap (not the data)

According to IT Governance, the number of personal records leaked worldwide in June 2018 was 145,942,680…that’s one big number. The ICO tell us the primary source of data loss in firms is email, but how do you manage data loss prevention over email?

Read our blog by Workshare Secure product manager, Vijay Thampy, and find out how firms can use policies at the server level to prevent matter files going to inappropriate recipients or domains - helping firms create an email DLP solution.  

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Word! How to compare two PowerPoints

There are many people who use PowerPoint as well as, or in preference to, Word when developing documents. PowerPoint is flexible, you can include more graphic design elements and it’s not just for presentations by any means.

So, if you work in PowerPoint regularly (or all the time), you might find Workshare Compare useful, as you can use it to compare two files and see everything that’s changed, moved, been added or deleted. 

(Word to your mother.)

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Innovation in transaction management

Technical innovation, like Workshare Transact, is saving time and money during admin-heavy Conditions Precedent processes and other deal closings that require assembly of large numbers of documents for checklists and closing binders.

To achieve the next level of benefit though, the platform needs to be used by all sides for collaboration. Find out how Workshare Transact is getting traction in law firms that are now using it to engage their clients, the banks.

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Gearing up for ILTACON 2018

If you’re attending ILTACON 2018, make time to visit the Workshare team - we promise it will be fun!

There will be news of our latest innovations in file comparison, email data loss prevention, and transaction management, and we’d love to see. You can book a meeting if there's anything you'd like to see or discussion, or you can visit the Workshare stand anytime!


Fabulous customers

Many of our lovely customers have been good enough to give us their feedback. Here’s a selection of what they said…

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Expert partners – iManage

Workshare Webinars | How is Workshare Compare relevant in iManage Work 10?

We’re hosting two webinars in July for the people responsible for administering iManage Work 10 or who are transitioning their users to Work 10. We think this will help you get the most from both Workshare and iManage solutions. 

  • Webinar 1 – July 12th: How you run a comparison; what the features and functionality are in the new integration. Register now

  • Webinar 2 – July 26th: A step by step guide to setting up the integration between Workshare Compare and Work 10. Register now

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