Fireworks 180553 1280Cheers are echoing around the Workshare offices this week after TechnoLawyer reviewed Workshare Professional 9 and awarded it the perfect score of 5.0 (A+)!

Workshare Professional 9 is our latest document comparison and file sharing product. Having spent many years working with the legal sector, the Workshare team has put their heart and soul into making Professional 9 the #1 way to drive lawyer productivity.

Reviewer, Seth G. Rowland, calls out a number of features and benefits that all contribute to productive document reviews:

‘Workshare Professional is easy to download and install. It adds a new task ribbon in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as a few desktop icons. Enter your email address and password and your license will be authenticated.’

‘Workshare Compare is distinctive in its flexibility. When comparing two documents, you have a choice of rendering sets and comparison modes.’

‘Document comparison is more than just for showing what the other attorney has changed. You can also use it to “merge” those changes selectively, enabling the document owner to accept certain changes and reject other changes.’

‘Category View is uncanny in how it can capture and group together text substitutions such as changing a party’s name, and capitalization changes that might illuminate defined terms.’

Seth concludes that, ‘Workshare Professional is a top-notch document comparison tool worth the price just for the flexible and powerful Workshare Compare.

He adds, ‘Workshare has had years to figure out what lawyers need in a document comparison product. They have certainly delivered. Workshare Professional is easy to use out of the box.... I give Workshare Professional a perfect TechnoScore of 5.0.’

To read the full review click here. To try Workshare Professional 9 for yourself, simply sign up for a free trial here, or even request a live demo here.

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Ryan Soosayraj