File Security in the fastest time yet

In the world of technology, there are many unseen threats - viruses that lie low on a USB stick, hackers waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on your passwords, and metadata haunting the files you share, waiting to wreak havoc on your high stakes documents.

As these incidents increase in frequency, we've all come to know the power held in metadata and our need to be protected against its misuse. Well, most of us do and if you aren't aware yet, you might want to keep reading!

You can find some useful information here... and here... and here. Hey, we're here to help! 

Luckily, our file security solutions are designed to help

The main purpose of Workshare's file security solution is to protect you from inadvertently sharing sensitive or confidential metadata with those who shouldn't have access to it.

It will notify you about and strip your documents of any unnecessary and potentially harmful data that is sitting, hiding in your files. It acts as a filter, so when you email clients or outside counsel, you can ensure they only see what you intended them to see.

The best bit about it is that you don't even need to think about this when you hit attach and then send. The security and sharing policies of your firm can be applied to email and to sharing platforms, so the process is fast, automatic and doesn't disrupt your workflow.

The Protect feature in Workshare makes sure there is nothing lurking that could damage your firm's business or its reputation. 

Workshare makes protecting your documents faster and is performing better than ever

We also know your time is precious. Waiting too long for software to strip and clean your documents before they're sent is an irritation you can't afford. (Yes, we know you sometimes skip cleaning for fear of it taking too long! We'll keep your secret...)

According to research carried out earlier this year, which was focused on discovering our users' needs when it comes to document security, what matters most is speed and performance.

Our development team found new ways to decrease the time it takes to clean your files of metadata before they’re sent via email or shared via your DMS. Our analysis shows Workshare now operates up to 65 times faster than our nearest competitors and to our previous versions! 

How did we do it?

The biggest difference is in our method.

Before, Workshare would open a document in the relevant Microsoft application in the background to perform the cleaning process, allowing you to continue typing your email.

Now, we no longer need to open in Word, for example. Instead, Workshare locates and removes metadata purely on a data level (kind of like peeking in through the window rather than ringing the doorbell and waiting for an answer). This makes the process of discovery much faster, meaning our part in the process is done before you have even finished typing your message. 

What do you think about that?