We are delighted to be able to say that Workshare Protect Server is now hosted on Microsoft Azure with all the latest features. Workshare Protect Server effectively extends your corporate data security policies to attachments sent via Exchange email originating at the desktop, Outlook Web Access, and on mobile devices.

Files are scanned for sensitive data, or metadata, which is then blocked, cleaned, converted to PDF or replaced with a secure link. Default cleaning and security settings protect the whole organization behind the scenes. This means when a firm is sending a document, it will automatically be cleaned of metadata and sent without interrupting the user and their workflow.

Why Protect Server on Azure?

Through our continuing discussions with customers, we noted two important factors:

  1. Increasingly, mid-tier customers are looking to move their email infrastructure off their premises and into the cloud. This push is being accelerated by Microsoft, particularly with their Office 365 initiative.
  2. A trend of larger customers researching migration to Office 365 and therefore discussing plans with us about Protect integrations.

To support our customers in their ambitions to move into the cloud, or to migrate to Office 365 in the future, Workshare Protect needed to be able to integrate with Exchange Online. The logical step was to host Protect Server on a compatible, secure, global platform - Microsoft Azure.

What is Protect Server on Azure?

The Protect Server on Azure is a pre-installed image of Protect Server running on an instance of the Azure cloud. Customers create their own copy of Protect Server on the cloud and then connect their instance of Exchange Online to this Protect Server. Protect Server then cleans outgoing attachments before sending the emails on, removing the risk of sensitive data leaving a business. It can also block emails based on specific policy or criteria, helping to prevent data loss events.

How Protect Server on Azure differs from the usual

As everything is in the cloud with Azure, setting up an instance of Protect Server to go live takes moments, as most of the installation is already complete. We wanted the installation process to be simple enough for our customers to be self-sufficient if they wanted to be, and therefore able to complete the installation themselves.

How can I get Protect Server on Azure?

The Protect Server app is now available in the Azure marketplace.

The image is available in the Azure marketplace here:

The documentation specific to installing Protect Server on Azure is available here:

If you’re interested in learning more about Protect Server, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!